I Swear Too Much

Hang on, its going to be a wild fucking ride!

Some pictures for you

I tried to get a few pictures that showed a little bit of everything. I didn’t do a great job but keep in mind I didn’t have more than a few hours to find pictures, post them and caption them. You can read the caption, click the picture, and if you want to see it in full size click it a second time. I’m sorry this isn’t an easy gallery to go through but I think you’ll get the idea. Just a little glimpse of where I’m from. Enjoy!


Poutine: is a french canadian dish. very very popular. It’s french fries with cheese curds on them (real cheese curds, you can’t really find the real ones in the US unless maybe in Wisconsin. But the laws for cheese making are different USA/Canada so it’s different. Then over it is poured a beef/bbq sauce. I can’t really compare it to anything because it is just it’s own thing.

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